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Sunday, 05.02.2023
Multiple Groups

The annotated library

What is an annotated library? Who annotates and who benefits from this? With the dynamic order and the Werkbank (Workbench), the Sitterwerk Foundation makes use of two prototypes that depict the research of users in the library and make it possible to leave personal traces behind in the collections. The most recent prototype, the X-Y-Z app by the programmer and artist Urs Hofer, which is being presented in the current exhibition "OK Computer", now expands this function beyond the Kunstbibliothek (Art Library) and makes it possible to track work with the same book by means of annotations at various sites. In cooperation with TETI Group (Anne-Laure Franchette, Gabriel Gee, Jan van Oordt), Urs Hofer, Jürg Lehni, Mindy Seu, and Hannes Mangold, we would like to focus on the question of the extent to which individual notes, routines, or annotations by users can give rise to new approaches to seeking and finding, and hence to alternative forms of producing knowledge, and where co-writing and Artificial Intelligence can assist us further in establishing new narratives.

Programme, Sunday, February 5:

Workshop: Annotated Affinities at the Sitterwerk Library, TETI Group (Anne-Laure Franchette, Gabriel Gee)

The reference for this collective writing exercise is the forthcoming publication entitled Transbordement at TETI Press (May 2023), in which six authors were asked to write four stories, using a series of given book titles from the 2018 installation La bibliothèque à déplacer and contributing only once to each narrative. The principles of collective writing and the existence of rules of writing in the spirit of the OuLiPo are adapted to the specific nature of the Sitterwerk library, and the exploration of the theme of the annotated library. The workshop is led in English but participants are welcome to write in the language of their choice.

Lunch with soup and bread

Urs Hofer, X-Y-Z
Jürg Lehni, Lecture Performance

Mindy Seu: Cyberfeminism Index, Lecture Performance
TETI Group (Anne-Laure Franchette, Gabriel Gee, Jan van Oordt), An Annotation: Library Promenades

Panel discussion with the participants, moderation by Barbara Biedermann, Roland Früh, and Hannes Mangold

The event will be in English.

The event is supported by Kanton St.Gallen Kulturförderung / Swisslos, Ria & Arthur Dietschweiler Stiftung, Walter und Verena Spühl Stiftung, Methrom Stiftung, Dr. Fred Styger Stiftung, and Billwiller Stiftung.