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In addition to the team of six permanent staff members and Felix Lehner—the initiator of the foundation—several people provide valuable work for the Sitterwerk within the framework of civil service assignments, as interns or volunteers.

The entire team of the Kesselhaus Josephsohn and the Kunstgiesserei, without whom the Sitterwerk Foundation would not exist, continues to be involved to a large extent and with great commitment to the success of the various Sitterwerk projects.

Patricia Hartmann
Patricia Hartmann has been the director of the Sitterwerk Foundation since January 2019. She studied art history at the University of Zurich and the University of Bern. Professionally, she spent several years working in two important contemporary art galleries in Paris and Zurich. She subsequently worked at the Federal Office of Culture in the field of arts promotion.
Julia Lütolf
Julia Lütolf is a trained cabinetmaker and studied conservation at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern. She has been managing the Werkstoffarchiv since 2011 and expanded it in close cooperation with the Material-Archiv association and the Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen. To mediate the contents of the collection, she is also responsible for organizing and realizing exhibitions and workshops and assists groups and solo visitors.
Eveline Wüthrich
Eveline Wüthrich has been responsible for the Kunstbibliothek since October 2022. With her curatorial work, Eveline Wüthrich creates social spaces in which artistic content becomes accessible to a broad public. Her interest lies in putting the collected knowledge of the Kunstbibliothek into new contexts, combining different fields of knowledge and finding suitable visibilities for them together with the communities and neighborhoods at Sitterwerk. She is co-founder of I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel, which takes place annually in Basel, and studied Art History and Curatorial and Critical Studies.
Barbara Biedermann
Barbara Biedermann studied art history in Zurich and Bern and has been responsible for content-related work with the dynamic system of order as well as its further development at the Sitterwerk Foundation since 2019. Within this framework, she organizes et al. exhibitions, workshops, and panel discussions, develops new tools for working with the collections, and examines new forms of organizing knowledge. She also supervises the Sitterwerk Journal, with which the activities mentioned are documented and made accessible.
Felix Lehner
Felix Lehner manages the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen. He established the Sitterwerk Foundation with the architect and owner of the site, Hans Jörg Schmid, and the book collector Daniel Rohner, and is today a member of the management committee of the foundation board.
Janna Mock
Janna Mock has been working at Sitterwerk Foundation since January 2022 and supports the management and the Team together with Salome Schmuki in administrative and organizatorial questions. Sie has already worked for different cultural institutions in St.Gallen, the Grisons and Bern and has a many interests and experience in various areas of art and culture.
Salome Schmuki
Salome Schmuki has been working at the Sitterwerk Foundation since September 2021 and supports the management and the team together with Janna Mock in administrative and organizational questions. She is very interested in art and culture and is also working on her own artistic projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Expanded Team

Maj Dörig, Alanah Rüttimann, Nina Scheiwiller, Nadja Tarnutzer, Melvin Tobler and Sina Wider support us in the supervision during opening hours on Sundays.

Ulrich Meinherz has managed the Kesselhaus Josephsohn and the Galerie Felix Lehner since 2005. As of the establishment of the Sitterwerk Foundation in 2006, he was part of its management, which he today assists in an advisory capacity.

For the accounting we get support from Anita Mamuzić. She has been working in the Kunstgiesserei for years and is responsible for the Human Resource department and accounting. Since 2021 she performs these tasks for the foundation.

Katalin Deér is an artist and has had her studio on the site in the Sitter Valley since 2003. She studied sculpture at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin and again and again uses photography as a central medium for her work. Katalin Deér helped found and set up the Studio House. She has accompanied the Sitterwerk Foundation with her camera since its beginnings, and has thus assisted the Sitterwerk in creating its very individual visual presence in printed materials and on the Internet.

Lukas Furrer is an architect and, in cooperation with Christoph Flury, runs the Flury + Furrer architecture firm in Zurich. They are responsible for all the modifications of the rooms of the Sitterwerk Foundation and the architectural design of the Kesselhaus Josephsohn and the workshops of the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen.

Martin Heeb and Liselotte Schwarz assist the Art Library with cataloguing. Martin is currently studying information science in Chur.

Mark Besselaar was a volunteer at the Sitterwerk between 2015 and 2020. He guided groups of interested individuals through the Art Library, Material Archive, and Kunstgiesserei and provided conceptual and content-related support for the exhibitions and projects of the Sitterwerk.